The Home of the Smithfield

It is unclear whether or not a true smithfield dog still exists to this day. Unrecognized by any official kennel club, this interesting breed of herding canine lives as somewhat of a mystery. Designed for rounding livestock, this type of dog can be placed within the collie family. It’s color can vary from black, gray, red and white but there are two¬†major signatures that this animal possesses: floppy ears and a collar of white fur around its neck. They are also known to have short, stubby tails, however, that’s not always the case as some have been seen with long bushy tails.

My name is Shelby Ericksen, based out of Bundoora, Victoria, Australia and I have a love and passion for dogs. I created this site for one breed in particular, as it is the most fascinating to me– the smithfield. The reason for this is because of the mystery surrounding it. Originating in London, this special dog was introduced to Australia in colonial times and were great working companions. While it is not considered a pure breed dog, it is still shown in Tasmania as if it were. Many continue to argue over the extinction of this animal but what I’ve pieced together overtime is that the original bloodline of this animal no longer exists and a similar breed has taken its name. It goes by smithfield and has almost all of the same features. This has caused a lot of confusion for people.

This rough coated dog is larger in stature and powerful. It’s also rough coated and requires a slicker brush to keep the hair free of mats and tangles. Because this dog can be considered a collie or a sheepdog, you’ll want to care for it the same way you would with those breeds. Exercise is definitely needed as it is a natural working animal. Having a large yard or chunk of land where it can run and play would be perfect for it. If properly trained and well managed, these dogs can be wonderful for families.

The history of the breed is quite interesting and makes you wonder about its lineage. Regardless of if the true smithfield still exists today, we have a wonderful class of dog that happily took its place. If you are curious to know more about this amazing animal or if you have knowledge you’d like to pass on to me, you can reach me by going to my Contact page.