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Shelby Ericksen– Smithfield lover and researcher

Hey everyone! Thanks again for taking the time to look through my website. I’m really excited about it, as this breed of dog is my absolute favorite. As you know, if you’ve read through the homepage, my name is Shelby Ericksen. I’m from Bundoora, Victoria, Australia where I live with my fiance and our three smithfields! Each year I make the trip to Tasmania to show them off in Campbell Town– it’s a lot of fun. Maggie, Nells and Leonard are all a family, with Nells being the offspring. Maggie is gray, Leonard is black and Nells is a little bit of both.

I’ve always been an animal lover but hadn’t heard of this particular breed until a friend of mine took me to my first show about ten years ago. Since then, they’ve been my number one. I began researching them and found that the information on the internet was pretty limited. They also have an intriguing back story, which is precisely why I decided to create a website. I’ll be adding to the content here pretty regularly and plan to get to the bottom of the mystery that is the smithfield. If you have any questions or helpful info for me regarding this breed, please email me at