Keeping your Smithfield Fit and Smiling

While you may never know if your collie is an exact Smithfield breed, that doesn’t change the fact that these lovable creatures need an abundance of exercise. Smithfields are after all, a type of herding dog, similar to a collie. So while a farm full of sheep isn’t necessary, it’s important to realize that these furry friends require a bit more than an occasional walk.

Initial Training

Like any other type of breed, ensuring the physical health of your dog requires a strong foundation of training. Whether you head to an intense training course, or simply a couple classes at the local pet store, dog training classes are beyond helpful in teaching you just how your Smithfield acts, especially in the company of other dogs. Here you can pick up valuable tips from experienced pet owners and experts, while also gauging just how much energy your new found friend has.

Understanding the Mental Game

After you have had your Smithfield for a little while, one thing becomes evidently clear: these beautiful animals have an inordinate amount of anxious energy. Now this can be exceptional if you live on a farm with various tasks for your dog, but if you’re dwelling in the suburban streets it’s a bit more important to focus on relieving this energy. A lonely Smithfield is an unhappy Smithfield, so that’s why we have provided you with a great list of exercises to keep their surplus of energy at bay.

Exquisite Exercises

  • A Walk– Keeping it simple can be the best, and easiest way, to keep your Smithfield fit. Long, daily walks will provide your dog with a plethora of exercise- and don’t be afraid to give him or her some time off the leash!
  • Finding Friends- If you happen to be working a lot, or just want to see your Smithfield smile, try and find them another furry friend! Chasing each other and playing around in open spaces is one of the best ways to tire them out.
  • Discount Dog Treadmills–  Perhaps the most effective and innovative way, these treadmills are perfect if space is of the essence. You can adjust the rate and find one perfect, soon enough your Smithfield will look forward to his mini runs!
  • Playful Games- Games like fetch and frisbee have long been ideal ways to keep dogs in shape, and a Smithfield is no different. This will especially keep them happy, as this beautiful breed has forever been task-oriented.
  • Run, Run, Run- As stated before, these dogs are inherently herders, so daily runs are a great way to give your dog an authentic way to live out his or her roots. Below we’ve included a short video of Smithfield’s herding, to show you just how much energy they let loose when running around.

These are just a few of the many exercises to keep your favorite herder at the top of their game. Just remember: with a bit of exercise these fantastic friends will prove to you why they are so universally revered.